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According to data provided by the European Parliament (July 2014), Tourism is the 3rd largest socio-economic sector in the EU. The “Study about Competitiveness in the Tourism Sector in the EU”, performed by ECORYS for DG Enterprise & Industry identified 8 mega-trends: Globalization, demographic change, access to information,economies of experience, customizing,sustainability, low cost business models, health & welfare.

This project is aimed at providing innovative professional training having in mind most of all these trends, focusing in the emerging opportunities of demographic change, economies of experience, customizing and even health.

The tourism sector must face a redefinition of its products, services and activities to engage seniors out of their homes. Following the guidelines of “New Skills for New Jobs”, Silver Tourism addresses this challenge to contribute from the educational field (continuous training) in order to develop a new approach for developing skills/competences in this field, using innovative OER methodologies.

The tourism sector is perhaps one of the most complex that there since it involves a whole range of related and intricate activities. For this reason, Silver Tourism stands on a double vision:

1) Continuous training, pushed by real demand of knowledge, usually leads to greater impact of vocational training. Through provision of non-formal training, accessible and easy for anyone interested in getting knowledge pills to use in its daily work, workers not fully aimed at seniors can obtain skills to address this target.

2) Specialist vocational pathway, providing a high quality training for experts on tourism development that serves to bring together stakeholders working independently, facilitating joint progress, increasing in this way the impact of this training.

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