¿Interesad@ en realizar el Curso de Expertos en Turismo de Plata? ¡Ya puedes participar!
18 Jul 2017

Are you interested in a Silver Tourism expert course? Register now!

Silver Tourism's online training platform is already active so the users can carry out the Silver Tourism Expert Course. To start working on it, you only need to register by creating a free profile by following a few simple steps.


This MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is divided into four general units and an evaluation plan. Through this MOOC,  the user will  know in greater detail the needs and interests of senior tourists; As well as learn the keys to the mobility of this sector, their health needs, their economic capacity and much more about the exciting world of Silver Tourism.


What will be the methodology used during the training? This course will enable the student to innovate in the design of products and services directed to the senior customer through the "Design Thinking" methodology, thanks to which you will discover how to develop a creation process with guarantees of success starting from five basic pillars: Empathy, definition, ideation, prototype and test.


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