The consortium represents all necessary actors needed to develop the project efficiently and to implement its results successfully, giving special importance to the knowledge related to Tourism Sector and Silver Economy, in order to include real market needs of this sector in the training system for Silver Tourism profile. 

CCISBa operates at provincial level (about 70,000 inhabitants) in a region bordering Portugal. Similarly, works with the regional government of Extremadura (about 1,100,000 inhabitants) for the development of economic activity in the region. Although over 40,000 businesses are incorporated by law to the Chamber of Commerce, the activities carried out incorporate targets not directly involved such as: potential entrepreneurs, students, unemployed people, and even consumers.
By law, CCISBa develops the following public-administrative functions: issuance of certificates, compilation of regulatory practices and customs in business relations, advise to public authorities about measures for business promotion, support and enhancement to exports, collaboration with educational authorities, processing of public programs to support businesses, management of public services related to companies, promotion of mediation and arbitration, development of statistics and studies about economic
sectors, ... and many other.
CCISBa operates also freely offering multiple services to companies of any geographical area that directly or indirectly wish to carry out activities in Spain or collaborate with Spanish companies. However, most of the companies affiliated to the Chamber are SMEs, and even independent professionals (with or without employees).

The Foundation FUNDECYT Scientific and Technological Park of Extremadura is a non profit organisation based in Extremadura (Spain) with the aim of contributing to the social and economic exploitation of science and technology in the region, supporting and promoting scientific and technological development and a better use of research and innovation outcomes.

As the Scientific and Technological Park of Extremadura, we offer the spaces and the necessary services to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, science and technology in the region. FUNDECYT-PCTEX hosts more than 50 innovative companies in its facilities and, in addition to the assistance provided to tenants, we support regional entrepreneurs and SMEs for the development and consolidation of business ideas.

Moreover, playing the role of a Development and Innovation Agency, we provide technical assistance to the Regional Government for the design and implementation of policies, such as the Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) or the Digital Agenda of Extremadura, and work in close relation with enterprises, the University of Extremadura, R&D centres and other regional stakeholders to foster innovation.

With a staff of 40 people, more than 20 professionals are working directly in European projects in areas such as entrepreneurship, SMEs sustainability and competitiveness, innovation, technology transfer, regional development, social innovation, mobility and training, transnational cooperation, etc., paying special attention to the five priority areas of the RIS3 of Extremadura: agrofood, clean energy, tourism, healthcare, and ICT.


A private SME in the fields of corporate governance, risk management and internal control related education, consultancy and qualification services. The founder – Janos Ivanyos – has been participated as project leader and project coordinator in EU fundedprojects since 1995 (FP4, FP5, LLP). The company is representing the European Certification and Qualification Association in Hungary and provides high quality consulting and training services for process improvement and capability determination of organizational governance in partnership with the Budapest Business School, the biggest and most reputed business college in Hungary. It operates the European Internal Financial Control Assessor training portal ( having ca. 2500 registrants since 2007. These courses and exams are provided in 5 European languages. In 2011 a new “Trusted Business” company qualification service was established and promoted in Hungary.


Euromontana is the European multisectoral association for co-operation and development of mountain territories. It embraces local, regional and national mountain organizations throughout greater Europe, including regional development agencies, regional orlocal authorities, agricultural professional organizations (at local level, mountain range level or through mountain committees of national organisations), environmental agencies, forestry organizations, research institutes, agronomy schools...

Euromontana’s mission is to promote living mountains, integrated and sustainable development and improvement of quality of life in mountain areas.

In order to achieve this, Euromontana facilitates the exchange of information and experience among these areas by maintaining constant communication with its members on European policy developments, by organizing seminars and major conferences, by conducting and collaborating in studies, by developing, managing and participating in European projects and by working with the European institutions on mountain issues.

Euromontana network is recognised for its expertise by European Institutions which granted expert seats in advisory groups on rural development, quality and enlarged advisory group on the common agricultural policy (CAP). Euromontana is also the representative of European civil society in the steering committee of the FAO Mountain partnership.

Nowadays, Euromontana represents around 75 organisations in 20 European countries. Tourism, agriculture, innovation, rural and regional development, ICT are among its main priorities. Euromontana doesn’t apply per se a specific quality system, but the project manager, Marie Clotteau, in charge of this project, has been trained to ISO 9001-2008 for the quality of the management of European projects in health.

The institution currently has 138 employees, higher education graduates as engineers, economists, public administration servants, etc., and almost 14 % of them are involved in vocational education activities within the North-East Regional Studies Centre(CRS), structure set up in our institution since 2010.

New Tourism Institute (Zavod Novi turizem - NT) is a private, non-profit tourism research institute that was established in 2009. Its main purpose is to create opportunities for the development of Slovene tourism sector, mainly by spurring innovation, creativity andentrepreneurship. NT is also a co-funder of GoodPlace Factory of Sustainable Tourism and Slovenian tourism students and young professionals association. NT is a part of European projects and networks.

The Institute operates on three pillars: education & training, consulting and R&D. In the centre of activities there is a multi-award winning national project Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia ( and its supporting mechanisms, such as annual national call for most innovative tourism products (Sejalec), national calls for best tourism-related ideas that seek support and financial help (Snovalec) and crowd-sourcing competitions. As part of its activities on national level, NT has recently developed

another mechanism thru which start-ups, young and future entrepreneurs can obtain professional help from mentors (T-lab Snovalec). This scheme was adopted by Slovenian Tourism Board. Among other activities of NT, there is the consultancy in the field of innovative tourism products development (micro-level) at home and abroad (SriLanka, USA), the preparation of regional tourism development strategies and the training in marketing and e marketing.


North-East RDA coordinates since 1999 the elaboration of regional development strategy and the implementation as Contracting Authority for PHARE ESC and as Intermediary Body in North-East Region for Regional Operation Programme 2007-2013. The NERDA mission statement to support business and encourage the stimulation and development of an entrepreneurial spirit in the region, with a structure of 8 departments and provides Regional-level services in: a) Management of the Regional Operational Program (ROP) REGIO 2007-2013 b)Management of Economic Competitiveness Operational Programme c) Regional planning, programming and monitoring d) Programmes funded by PHARE funds. We have been implementing ISO 9001 as quality management system since 2010.