The Silver Tourism lays the foundations for an European transnational cooperation in the field of continuing education that combines the tourism sector and the Silver economy for a successful training, specialized and high quality. This cooperation, under the form of a Strategic Partnership, is open in the future to engage new partners, both in the field of tourism industry as in the training field, and even in any other area that could add value (seniors' groups, public authorities, universities, chambers of commerce, development agencies, ...). 

The project starts from the analysis of the relationship between tourism and senior approach, and the current difficulty in providing a standarized, high-quality professional training in this area, allowing the needs in the market trends. From the beginning, Silver Tourism address a closed collaboration with the agents involved in establishing the foundations of the project, through an analysis that identifies opportunities, weaknesses, threats and strenghts for using in later development. This analysis process provides results such as success stories and best practices, or open educational resources already available, that will be very useful to complement the development of new educational content. 

Silver Tourism project is a highly innovative project, since it incorporates to an specialized field (Tourism for seniors) two powerful innovative tools: firstly, innovative service design methodologies (available in the world of business administration), and furthermore, MOOC approach that allow efficient use of both Social Media and AudioVisual content.

Not only the expert course is developed, but the whole educational materials and all kinds of open educational resources are made available to the public. Thus, anyone can make their own learning path through specific pills of interest, providing a self-learning tailored to the needs of professionals, in a easy way.