El Proyecto

The Project

The aging population is a long-term trend that is radically changing European society. Areas such as health, employment and social security are being redefined according to demographic changes and emerging notion of "Silver Economy". This trend has also considerable impact on increasing tourism demand so that the sector must face a redefinition of its products, services and activities.

The Silver Tourism encompasses various economic activities, such as travel agencies, tourist information offices, entertainment, transportation, cultural heritage and health and wellness, all activities that complement an integrated approach for senior tourism.

The Silver Tourism project aims to provide the necessary training for the tourism sector to take advantage of the opportunities created by the demographic trend, developing products and services tailored to the real needs of elderly people, generating an Expert Profile in Silver Tourism. The Silver Tourism Expert will be trained under a multidisciplinary approach, providing a comprehensive view that enables the development of competitive tourism products, placing the senior public at the centre of the process, and providing services that generate them successful experiences.

To achieve this overall objective,  the project has the following specific objectives:

  • Analyze the context related to the Silver Economy at European level
  • Co-design an expert profile aimed at providing a solid basis for the development of training materials in the field of Silver Tourism
  • Develop training including key skills that allow explore and exploit all the opportunities offered by Silver Tourism
  • Develop an innovative methodology for teaching/learning for continuing education through ICTs
  • Develop transversal skills on service design to improve the professional skills of employees in the tourism sector